-Attractive and Sustainable Urban Mobility

UbiGo – the company

UbiGo is a Swedish SME formed as the result of the Vinnova financed Go:smart project (Vinnova 2012-2014). In Go:smart a fictive company was formed, trying the businessmodel for a MaaS opreator with paying customers under real commercial conditions. After the end of Go:smart-project a group of individuals from the project started UbiGo AB, with the purpose of continuing the service with existing customer base, expanding it into a full service. Challenges with raising start-up capital for financing the technical platform as well as an unclear role of the regional public transport operator, resulted in the closing of UbiGo AB, and the starting of UbiGo Innovations, with the purpose of refining the concept, seeking ways to restart the concept.

In October 2017, UbiGo Innovation AB and Fluidtime AG (part of Kapsch) announced a cooperation, in which Fluidtime will provide the technical platform FluidHub and FluidBiz based on UbiGo specifications for the Stockholm pilot starting in March 2018. Together the two companies will also offer a franchising concept for potential MaaS-operators in Cities outside the Nordic market, including knowledge, brand an platform.

UbiGo har raised enormous interest all over the world and UbiGo Innovation is aiming to support local partners in establishing UbiGo-like services (or MaaS – Mobility-as-a-Service) in urban areas. It is our strong belief that the customer needs and thus the offer will be quite similar in all large cities, but also that the conditions will be quite different which will require local partners running the actual service. With an scalable and international IT-platform, the knowledge, the network and brand recognition, UbiGo innovation can give these a kick-start.

A separate corporate website will be launched later this year.

For more information, please contact Hans Arby, CEO at hans.arby@ubigo.me.