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Preparing for relaunch in Stockholm end of 2017

If you’re living in Stockholm – look out for more information in the next coming month. UbiGo will finally re-launch.

After almost 3 years of work within the public transport community (and by us), a number of authorities are opening up for reselling of the back bone service of any Mobility as a Service offer, namely public transport. All other strategic mobility providers are also on-board.

We will start small as part of the EU-project Civitas Eccentric with the City of Stockholm as site-manager.

It seems possible to also open up i Gothenburg during next year.

It has been a quite frustrating journey, but in the end it’s the result that matters. Getting access to public transport – along with the understanding how to run a sustainable business in this low-margin market – is key to any MaaS-operator. That’s why there aren’t hardly any commercial MaaS-operators out there and even our Finnish colleagues are more or less in a pilot state.

UbiGo’s CEO about MaaS at New Cities Foundation

Hans Arby bloggs at New Cities Foundation’s section Perspectives about the roles in a Mobility as a Service Ecosystem, especially that for Public Transport Agencies.

In it you will find one reason why there isn’t a real commercial MaaS-service running yet – anywhere – despite (or because of) all pilot-projects and powerpoints.

”The importance of viable business models is not fully understood in the public sector. It really doesn’t matter if people and city administrators like a service if they cannot support a sustainable business. The answer to the MaaS model lies in value creation.”

”It is also important to understand that a business model is connected to the organisation that owns it. The possible offers, revenues streams, relationships, partnerships and agility all depend on who runs the service, as do the effects on the transport system. Will MaaS make it easier for public transit customers to use a car or for car owners to use more public transport?”

Read more: http://www.newcitiesfoundation.org/perspectives-creating-the-best-public-private-mobility-as-a-service-mix/

Tidningen Innovation skriver om UbiGO

Läs artikeln Res enkelt utan bilägande i senaste numret av Innovation

UbiGo får internationell utmärkelse för innovation

OECD:s International Transport Forum ger resetjänsten UbiGo utmärkelsen Promising Innovation. Priset kommer att delas ut vid transportministermötet i Leipzig den 28 maj.

International Transport Forum motiverar sitt val med att UbiGo sätter kundens behov i centrum med sitt koncept för att minska användningen av bil och lyfter fram dess potential för spridning.


UbiGo (Sweden) receives prestigious transport innovation award

UbiGo receives International Transport Forum’s 2015 Promising Innovation in Transport Award.

UbiGo receives the Award in the passenger category for its innovative all-in-one urban mobility platform that combines different modes of transport into a single offer for the everyday travel needs of urban households and companies.

In awarding the prize, the jury applauded the UbiGo project for putting customers’ needs at the heart of its approach to reduce car use and specifically noted “the good potential for replicability”.


UbiGo teams up with Ericsson

Funded by Vinnova, UbiGo has started to work with Ericsson and the Viktoria Institue with the aim of developing an international IT-platform for mobility operators such as UbiGo.

During 2015 Västtrafik will also initiate an pre commercial procurement with the aim of making a concession procurement that can serve as a model for the inclusion of Public transport in other Cities.

UbiGo at World Mobile Congress in Barcelona

The UbiGo-concept will be a part of Ericsson’s Network Society Showcase, exemplifying Mobility-as-a-service at the Mobile World Congress starting March 2 2015.