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UbiGo’s CEO about MaaS at New Cities Foundation

Hans Arby bloggs at New Cities Foundation’s section Perspectives about the roles in a Mobility as a Service Ecosystem, especially that for Public Transport Agencies.

In it you will find one reason why there isn’t a real commercial MaaS-service running yet – anywhere – despite (or because of) all pilot-projects and powerpoints.

”The importance of viable business models is not fully understood in the public sector. It really doesn’t matter if people and city administrators like a service if they cannot support a sustainable business. The answer to the MaaS model lies in value creation.”

”It is also important to understand that a business model is connected to the organisation that owns it. The possible offers, revenues streams, relationships, partnerships and agility all depend on who runs the service, as do the effects on the transport system. Will MaaS make it easier for public transit customers to use a car or for car owners to use more public transport?”

Read more: http://www.newcitiesfoundation.org/perspectives-creating-the-best-public-private-mobility-as-a-service-mix/