-Attractive and Sustainable Urban Mobility

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No more of the hassle of owning a car.  Just pay for what you use. Mobility subscription. Trouble-free travel, everything in one place. UbiGo.

After a very successful pilot in Gothenburg, we are preparing for a relaunch in Sweden/Stockholm in the end of this year. We are also discussing with possible partners in other countries how to support them in establishing UbiGo-like services in other large cities.

Most on this site is related to the pilot (Go:smart/UbiGo) in which 70 paying households relied on the test-version of UbiGo for their everyday travel for 6 months. With Chalmers as a partner in the project, many papers have been published based on the very thorough evaluation. Read them here.

Interested in joining the ride in some way? Contact us at info@ubigo.me

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